Attorney Kenneth Meleyco

Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer Assisting the Victims of Stockton & the Bay Area

Ken Meleyco was born in Heidelberg, Germany. He grew up in England and finished high school in Marin County, California. He attended the University of Nevada at Reno and Fresno State College. He graduated in 1973 from the University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law. During law school he worked in various attorney offices. Until he became an attorney he worked in numerous fields: food preparation services, construction work, disc jockey, factory work, gas station attendant, etc. His background helps him understand your position.

A History of Success

After law school, Ken worked as a prosecutor in the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office for seven (7) years. During that time, he prosecuted numerous murder cases. In 1978, he successfully prosecuted a death penalty case in San Joaquin County.

After leaving the San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office, Ken practiced in several areas. In 1980, he was appointed special prosecutor on a case involving the Nuestra Familia crime gang. He prosecuted the longest trial in San Joaquin County, lasting one year and one day, against four (4) leaders of the gang resulting in numerous murder convictions.

In 1992, Ken began focusing exclusively on representing victims in personal injury cases. He has tried numerous civil cases to verdict in the last thirty (30) years. In the last several years, his primary focus has been on representing victims of sexual abuse.

People who have suffered catastrophic injuries deserve the absolute best representation and Ken Meleyco, along with his team, strive to provide that. The results speak for themselves.

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Committed to Helping Victims

Sexual abuse cases are often very difficult to win because of a number of factors. Only with careful, skillful preparation of the entire case is there any likelihood of a favorable result. Ken has been trying trials before juries for over 40 years. Without a track record that demonstrates the willingness to take a case all the way through trial, and the ability to win at trial, insurance companies will rarely make reasonable offers to settle out of court. Ken’s philosophy is that it is necessary that each case be prepared vigorously, with the assumption that every case could go to trial.

Ken Meleyco is absolutely committed to seeking justice and obtaining fair compensation for the children and families he represents. Initial consultations are always free of charge. If Ken accepts your case, attorney fees are on a contingency basis. Fees are owed only if you win, and are based on a percentage of the money recovered.

The insurance companies that defend molestation cases are willing to spend virtually unlimited amounts of money on high-priced lawyers and expert witnesses to defeat justice. They would rather spend two dollars to defeat a case than pay one dollar in settlement. They are ruthless. Only can an aggressive and skilled attorney willing to take on insurance companies, large corporations, or conservative Judges, will justice occur. Ken commits all of the resources necessary to keep the playing field level, even if it means spending $100,000.00 or more to prepare the case as strongly as possible. Few lawyers do what is necessary.

Compassionate & Effective Service

The final, and perhaps most important, aspect of commitment to clients is compassion. Someone who is molested will have issues for life – which will impact them all their lives and takes a heavy toll on their family. Ken and his staff empathize with, and deeply respect the emotional and financial sacrifices made by families.

We are dedicated to finding the best possible outcome for our clients and have the skills necessary to help them recover. We have experience in handling cases that involve sexual abuse and molestation. Ken first tried a civil sexual abuse case in 1996, in Stockton (Jason R. v. Rudolph Ross, et al., San Joaquin County Superior Court, case number 257803). Ken is rated “AV” by Martindale-Hubbell – highest rating given to attorneys by their peers and judges. Ken is a long-time member of the Consumer Attorneys of California and the American Association for Justice. Ken is married with three daughters. He enjoys skiing, racquetball, woodworking, and traveling.

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