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Attorneys across California have referred serious injury, wrongful death, and sexual abuse cases to Stockton personal injury attorney Ken Meleyco for a number of years. Attorney referrals were and are the major source of our cases. We are pleased to negotiate favorable referral fees as allowed by law.

This law firm has received numerous million dollar settlements and verdicts over the years and almost all of these involve paying referral fees. When insurance companies, corporations or the government faces attorneys who have prepared a case for trial and who will readily take a case to trial, they generally will make or accept better settlement offers. Generally, the involvement of Ken Meleyco in any case is likely to bolster the settlement value of the case. As permitted by law, we enter into fee-sharing agreements with all types of lawyers, regardless of their area of practice.

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Striving for the Most Successful Outcome

This law firm devotes the majority of our efforts to representing people who have suffered substantial physical or financial harm, or both. The number of cases we take is limited at any time given our resources. This approach, though, allows us to devote our full efforts to each and every case. Many of these cases involve significant outlays of money, time and the use of experts. We use investigators and experts as needed on all the cases. Many of our experts are recognized nationally in a number of different fields. Because of our resources and the time we spend on cases, we are able to prove liability damages in a convincing fashion to juries.

Stockton injury lawyers Ken Meleyco and Markus Agbulos recognize the importance of referral lawyers to our firm, and we believe that referring attorneys are doing a great service to their clients by involving us in the representation. Accordingly, we treat all referral lawyers with the utmost respect and promptly pay referral fees upon the resolution of a case.

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