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  • If I ever have another personal injury matter I will be sure to contact Mr. Agbulos

    The insurance company lied and tried to trick me. They said they would pay for ALL of my medical bills and my pain and suffering. I said "okay" and they immediately sent me a check that was less than what they promised.

    Markus took over my case and the case settled for more than ten times what they originally offered me. The insurance company tried to pressure me into accepting their low offer by giving me a quick pay off. Markus fought for me and made them pay.

    If I ever have another personal injury matter I will be sure to contact Mr. Agbulos to let him handle the insurance company.

  • Expertly handled

    Expertly handled. Wonderful experience. Very caring.

  • Ken was very good to me

    Ken was very good to me. Did everything that I expected. Very happy with his service.

  • Ken is the man! He handled my case excellently

    Ken is the man! He handled my case excellently. I love Ken to death. Did a very superb job! Just referred a friend to Ken. I wouldn’t do that if I didn’t think Ken wouldn’t do a great job.

  • Ken did a great job

    Very happy with Ken’s service. Ken gave everything he had to give on his case. Ken did a great job.

  • Ken and his office staff went over and above helping me on my case

    Ken is very experienced. He knows his job very well. Ken helped me realize that winning my case also helped me get closure. It helped me see things in a different perspective. Ken and his office staff went over and above helping me on my case.

  • we were met by people who actually cared what I was going through

    Ken did an awesome job helping me with my case when no other lawyer would. From the moment my wife and I walked in his office we were met by people who actually cared what I was going through!! It was a horrible tragedy what I went through but Ken and his team worked hard to get me the settlement I deserve!! If Ken takes your case you are in great hands. Thank you for showing me that there is a lawyer out there that will fight for what’s right and that’s Ken Meleyco.

  • Markus did a great job for me and my husband!

    I live in the foothills in La Grange, California. One morning while on my way to work as a nurse practitioner, I was hit head-on by a car that drifted into my lane around a blind corner. I was transported to the Emergency Room at Mercy Hospital in Merced. I underwent a battery of tests including CT scans of my head. I was released, but for the next several months I experienced severe headaches. I met with my regular doctor, and consulted with a Neurologist in Stockton. They couldn’t find anything wrong.

    Early one morning, six months after the accident, my husband found me aphasic, slumped over in a chair, with right-sided paralysis. I had suffered a Stroke. I was life-flighted to Mercy San Juan Hospital in Carmichael. Needless to say, I spent the next several months rehabilitating. I had trouble in every aspect of my life. I had trouble speaking and writing. My short term and long term memory were affected.

    The at-fault driver who struck me head-on, was “under-insured”. He only carried a minimum liability policy ($15,000.00) which his insurance carrier offered in its entirety. My medical bills, wage loss, and pain and suffering were well in excess of $15,000.00. I was therefore somewhat relieved that my husband and I had the foresight and prudence to purchase $300,000.00 in “Under-Insured Motorist” coverage as part of our own auto insurance policy. Time for them to help me out, right? They offered to pay nothing!

    My own insurance carrier, (who was supposed to step in and provide coverage for me when I was injured at the hands of an “underinsured” motorist), disputed my injuries. Before the accident I worked 60 to 80 hours per week with several different doctors as a Nurse Practitioner. I also provided in-home nursing services. I’d had an active lifestyle. They didn’t care. During depositions, the attorneys for my own insurance company tried to make me out to be a malingerer with pre-existing health issues. They asked me and my husband personal questions about our credibility and tried to make us both out to be liars.

    Markus and his law partner vigorously litigated the case. They took the time to meet with my Neurologist in person at Mercy San Juan Medical Center in Carmichael. They sat and talked. Markus asked the doctor about my headaches and how they were related to the eventual stroke. He wanted the doctor’s medical opinion. Markus wanted to understand how the head-on collision was related to my injury. My Neurologist confirmed that the collision was in fact a substantial factor in causing my injuries.

    Even with this information, the insurance company still did not admit the injuries were related! They had their own neurologist evaluate me. Of course, he disagreed with my neurologist. My insurance carrier continued to deny any causal relationship between my injuries and the head-on collision. They continued to stonewall for several more months.

    On the eve of pending arbitration, they tendered the entire six-figure policy limit. Markus and his associate fought hard through the entire process against my own insurance carrier. I am convinced that these Insurance companies are in the business of making money, even at the peril of their own insured’s best interest. Its amazing to me how we make our monthly premium payments for years and years for what amounts to nothing more than a false sense of security. Because when we are injured in an accident and it comes time for our own insurance to step up and protect us, they simply turn their backs on us. Markus did a great job for me and my husband!

  • I have referred friends to Mr. Agbulos

    On a nice, clear autumn day, I was visiting the Exploratorium in San Francisco with a group of my close friends. A young man working at the Exploratorium was pushing a big cart loaded with folding chairs, preparing to set up for an outdoor event. As my friends and I walked along a footpath, the employee could not see ahead beyond the stacks of chairs. He pushed his cart directly into me from behind, causing me to fall forward on the pavement. My friends helped me to a bench where I remained until medical personnel arrived. I was in severe pain. The young man apologized.

    I was transported to the Emergency Room at Saint Francis Memorial Hospital in San Francisco. X rays were negative for fractures. But further diagnostic exams revealed a cervical disc injury. I was eventually released after a full day of examination. Once back home, I began treating with my primary doctor and other specialists.

    I spoke with the insurance adjuster representing the outdoor event company. We talked regularly by phone and exchanged letters. He seemed very nice and sympathetic and always inquired as to my ongoing medical treatment which included a series of cervical injections, physical therapy and pain management including prescription medications. The adjuster assured me that the insurance company would compensate me for the injury caused by their employee. He would call me about twice per month to ask how I was feeling. He would send letters asking how my treatment was going. Our communication was continuous for 23 months.

    Then he stopped calling. I called and left messages. He would not respond to my calls. No letters. Nothing.

    I know that there is a 2 year statute of limitations in California. If you don't file a complaint within 2 years of the date of injury, you are forever barred from bringing your claim. The adjuster stopped all communication exactly I month before the cut-off date. I 'm sure he hoped I would just go away and miss the 2 year deadline.

    I called Mr. Agbulos. He came out and met me in person at my kitchen table. He immediately filed the complaint to protect the statute. He fought the insurance company. He eventually got them to pay for my medical treatment and my pain and suffering. They did not make a reasonable offer until days before we were set to go to trial. Even though their employee was negligent, and apologized for hurting me, they did not want to admit they were liable. They said that my injury was pre-existing. Even though I did have a history of neck pain, it had improved to the point that it was no longer an issue, until this incident re-aggravated it and made it worse than before.

    I have referred friends to Mr. Agbulos. It took the threat of a jury trial, before the insurance company considered making a reasonable offer. I know he will not back down and he will fight against the big insurance companies that try to take advantage of people, the same way that they tried to take advantage of me.